Floating 20g Tablet Dispenser


Works for Chlorine or Bromine tablets (20g)

Adjust the level of intensity by turning the bottom screw

Measures Approximately 135mm high & 125mm Diameter

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This dispenser is for use with bromine and chlorine tablets. This dispenser floats on the surface of your Hot Tub water. The use of this dispenser results in far more consistent levels of Chlorine or Bromine than a standard granular dosing. Specification: Removable Cap to Tablet storage area. Set and Forget! Adjustable vent. Measures Approximately 135mm high & 125mm Diameter. Made from strong durable plastic. For 1-1/2” Tablets (unsuitable for 200g Tablets) PLEASE NOTE: REMOVE THE DISPENSER WHEN THE HOT TUB IS IN USE.

The dispenser has a full capacity of about 7 small 20g tablets. We recommend you start by adding 3-4 tablets, and adjusting the dispenser flow as necessary.

It will hold any 20g Chlorine or Bromine tablets.


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